Bloomberg BNA reporter detained by Capitol Police for asking question!/AriNatter/status/449574484224516097

Bloomberg BNA reporter Ari Natter said he was detained by Capitol Police for asking the EPA’s Gina McCarthy a question at the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) policy forum today.!/AriNatter/status/449575688568573952!/heatherscope/status/449584670213427201!/AdamBaldwin/status/449644125042655232

In a statement he shared with Roll Call, Natter said he was trying to ask McCarthy a question about renewable fuels. “She declined to answer, but while this was going on a police officer whose name I did not catch, pushed me away from her,” he said. The officer led Natter outside and eventually released him after the officer called for backup and consulted with other police officer and a supervisor.!/NYPolJunkie/status/449614733898170368!/alexcguillen/status/449580472361054208!/AriNatter/status/449583965025079296

Natter says he received an apology for the kerfuffle by Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Terrance Gainer.!/AriNatter/status/449640068383510528

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