Newly Engaged Couple Uses the Power of the Internet to Locate a Bystander’s Picture of Their Romantic Proposal

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How Kid Cudi Is Helping Black Men Break The Stigma Around Mental Health

A few weeks ago, when musician Kid Cudi announced hed checked into a rehab facility, I couldnt help but flash a slight grin. It wasntbecause I was happy Mr. Rager was going through such difficulty. No, I was happy he had the audacity to be vocal about something that has always been pretty taboo to … Read More

Remember 1999 In Ten Minutes Ultimate Montage

Even before BuzzFeed blew up online, the web has been obsessed with 90′s. Users can’t help constantly repeating, “The 90′s weren’t a decade ago? Gosh, I feel old.” Well, it’s time to finally face the music. The 90′s are long gone. But that’s OK. Viewers can always take a trip through time and visit all … Read More

Today’s Pep Talk, Brought To You By An Adorable, Fierce Girl

This is Eunice. She’s in fifth grade at the Kibera School for Girls in Kenya, and she’s given herself quite the pep talk. It’s one I think we all could benefit from hearing. Eunice says she has a dream. But she knows that everything great starts from something small. Just like her dream. She says … Read More

How To Pluck And Cook Doves

View this image › From Afield: A Chef’s Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish by Jesse Griffiths. Welcome Books. Text © 2012 Jesse Griffiths. Photographs © 2012 Jody Horton. Foreword © 2 Other hunters roll their eyes at Jesse Griffiths for plucking whole doves. It’s faster and more common to “breast them … Read More

Jimmy Fallon And Mariah Carey Perform All I Want For Christmas Is You With Classroom Instruments

Remember when Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Christina Aguilera to cover her hit single Your Body with the help of his house band The Roots playing office supplies as instruments? Well, it seems the gears in Jimmy‘s creative mind never stop turning. For the holiday season, he again collaborated with a celebrity for a special … Read More

Rex: Tebow, Sanchez ‘outstanding’!/jjpetes18/status/197742344274055168 Either he’s talking about how they look in a suit, or the New York Jets coach is delusional. Rex Ryan got his first look at his new toy, Tim Tebow, after the quarterback was acquired from Denver five weeks ago following the Broncos’ signing of Peyton Manning. The outspoken coach raved about the Florida … Read More

‘So ronery’! Obama’s terrible relationship with Congress sparks snark!/charlescwcooke/status/374717564917932032 But, but … uniter and stuff! And man of the people!!/TheRickWilson/status/373433615801401344 Heh. Evidently, President Obama is also not a man of the People’s House.!/ExJon/status/374718381275877376 Unprecedented! But, wait! Does he have one buddy?!/Will_Antonin/status/374710583020761088 Snort. This Twitter user points out something even more “historic”:!/AG_Conservative/status/374718670884192256 Zing! And some exit snark:!/CajunConservatv/status/374720584661209091 Hey, who … Read More

No School For My Kids: Radical Unschooling Methods

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Jonas the Tiger vs Dustbuster (Video)

Jonas the Tiger inspects a scary Dustbuster… ) Video via Youtube. Spotted here. Read more:

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