Utah Teacher Told Students to Make ISIS Recruiting Poster as Homework [VIDEO]

A a high school teacher is facing scrutiny after assigning her 9th grade class to design ISIS recruitment posters as a homework assignment.

The school located in Salem, Utah, was informed of the ill-conceived assignment after a local mother saw what her child was doing. According to the report in the news:

“Annie Langston couldnt believe her 14-year-old daughter Mikalia was given the assignment.”

“My initial response was, ‘there’s no way you’re going to do this assignment,’”

Langston said.

“In light of what happened in Paris, is that the reason for this assignment? I feel a different assignment or report couldve been chosen or a discussion in class about the tragic events.”

Luckily the school saw fit to shut that down as quickly as they found out. The teacher of the class has since apologized and cancelled the assignment entirely, so hopefully this is just an isolated incident.

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I know! Excactly! Laughing!

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Not sure if tired Or just depressed

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