The ‘Maleficent’-Themed Wedding Perfectly Captures Disney’s Dark Magic

rebellious Bridesrebellious Brides

rebellious Brides

Here’s a novel idea for a themed wedding: “Maleficent.”

The Rebellious Brides Blog created a wedding concept based around the live-action Disney flick starring Angelina Jolie.

This theme is not for the average wedding, of course — it’s definitely darker and edgier. If you have this type of wedding, you’re not going to be wearing a white dress. You’re going to be clothed in a medley of black and purple.

The concept and the designs here are pretty stellar.

Though, I’m not sure who is a big enough fan of this movie to base their entire wedding around it.

Even if you’re not going to have a “Maleficent”-themed wedding, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the photos and the video.













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