If The Presidential Election Were A Series Of Mortal Kombat Games

Thank you, Slate, for you have made my Monday. I can’t wait to see the next episodes, especially the battle between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Prediction: Biden’s secret power will be non sequiturs, and Ryan’s washboard abs will be involved.

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11 Key Words In The Democratic Platform

1. Middle Class: 42 View this image › msnbcmedia3.msn.com 2. Bin Laden: 4 View this image › media.treehugger.com 3. Unemployment: 3 View this image › libcom.org 4. President Obama: 111 View this image › prunejuicemedia.com 5. Jobs: 77 View this image › wisconsin.sierraclub.org 6. Climate Change: 18 View this image › questpointsolarsolutions.com 7. Debt: 5 … Read More

How to read a food label.

You stare at them as you munch your breakfast cereal. You rip through them to grab a handful of chips or a row of Oreos. But have you ever actually read a food label? Thanks to a 1993 law, these labels are more helpful and truthful than ever before, providing crucial information that will tell … Read More

Waiters were the rudest I’d encountered as well, we ended up walking out

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This Craft Queen Has DIY in Her DNA

Erica Domesek was enjoying a successful career in the fashion industry, working as a prop stylist and creative consultant for brands like Anthropologie, Kate Spade and Madewell. But when a friend mentioned she was going to buy an expensive necklace, Erica exclaimed, “You’re crazy, it’s $600. Why don’t we make it?” That spurred the creation … Read More

20 Historical Oddities You Probably Don’t Know

I love these little lists of oddities and was thrilled when this one was sent in to me. I have to confess that I didn’t know most of the things on this list. The ones that seem the strangest or most unlikely to me, I verified and found they are, indeed, true! So, onwards, let’s … Read More

In Lucerne Switzerland…

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Bad Luck Brian Does a Movie Remake!

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I Think They Should Make A Male Version…

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Tractor Trailer Near Head On Collision On Snowy Russian Road

Once you get to the less driven roads of Russia, many driving rules are thrown out the window. But that might not be the best idea. This driver with a dash cam recording was behind a small truck and started to pass it on a two way street when it slowed down in front of … Read More

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