People often wonder why their dieting regime is not giving the results they expected. I’m sure most of you have the same question too! But don’t worry, We have the answer!

Most of the times, people change their eating habits instantly, without refreshing/cleansing their body. Because of that the body is not able to make the adjustments according to the new diet plan. Hence, it is important to reset your whole system before going on a new diet. In order to tackle this issue, you need to treat your body like a PC (Personal Computer A.K.A Desktop). Yea, you read that right, a PC! Our body is actually like a PC when it comes to fitness and dieting.

Read on, this comparison will make sense soon!

Imagine that your PC is corrupt and you have to install a new window to make it work. Now, can you do it by overwriting the previous corrupted version? Yea, maybe you can. But will the PC work properly? No, it won’t. It will never give you the results you want. Our body behaves in the same manner. So, in order to achieve the desired results, you have to format your whole body. Now, how do you do that? We will tell you that, too.

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We have planned a 3-day detox schedule which will help you in cleansing your body and getting it ready for the change in meals. I’m pretty sure that most of you will find this schedule really stupid and difficult but trust us, it works like a charm.

So you’ve been eating junk all your life or maybe you went off track for a bit and now you want to jump back on that fitness regime. In either case, your body is filled with toxic and unwanted materials. To start, let’s go back to our previous comparison. Treat these toxic elements in your body like viruses. So what do you do when you want to get rid of a virus in your system? You install an antivirus. So we have several things which will act as an antivirus in this case – Water, Fresh Juice, Green Tea, Raw Fruits and Vegetables. These are the only item you’re going to need for this cleanse.

Day 1 Water

Water is the most power detoxifier. It cleanses your whole system and improves your metabolism. It also helps in improving the overall functioning of the body. So, for our first day, we try to survive only on water. Don’t worry, it gets better as we progress.

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Day 2 – Water, Fresh Juice or Green Tea

If you’ve successfully followed our water only rule for the first day, then I’m pretty sure you’re already feeling cleaner and lighter. On the 2nd day you can have fresh juice or green tea and water, of course. Just make sure the juice is from fresh raw vegetables with no artificial sweeteners. Juice and green tea will boost your metabolism and you’ll lose more fat without even exercising.

Day 3 – Raw Vegetables and Fruits

It’s the last day. Today you can eat all the raw fruits and vegetables in the world. Eat as much as you want. Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber. They will also bring back your lost strength. You feel better and healthier.

Now, you can start your diet and you won’t believe the results. This schedule will kick start your diet in an unbelievable way. Your metabolism will be much better, you’ll feel lighter and cleaner. This will also help you in exercising and lifting weights. Remember, drinking water is the most important part of this schedule, so try to keep yourself with water all the time. All elements of this plan will help you fight fatigue and cramps during the training session in future too.

Note: This is not only for beginners, but for professional athletes too. It’s good for everyone. Completing this full body cleanse will not be an achievement but continuing to eat clean after this will be one. Please do consult your doctor if you have some medical issues. This is a very difficult plan and it is not suitable for everyone.

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