With the constant increase in illness and obesity more people have become concerned about their eating habits. Over time many diets and weight loss programs been formed to give effective and safe weight loss results. Being healthy does not mean burning calories and losing fat; rather it is a state of physical and mental well-being where all your body organs are functioning harmoniously. A healthy eating plan gives your body the required nutrients while staying within your daily calorie limit for weight loss. Simply choosing any diet plan does not help you gain optimal results. When it comes to diets there is no formula or a “ONE” size fits all strategy. Rather making small changes in your eating plan followed by healthy lifestyle practises can help you for that optimal fitness. A balanced healthy diet in right proportions of all the food groups, cooked in a healthy way. Your body type and food preferences help in deciding your own healthy diet plan. A healthy eating plan does not say for you to go on a starvation diet to become healthy or to lose that ex amount of weight. It doesn’t say for you to deny yourself all the food you love but be fair with the portions. Healthy eating and drinking within recommended guidelines is very much a part of an ideal diet.

Some Simple Steps to Follow a Healthy Eating Plan!

Switch to healthier options; eating healthy is all about making smarter food choices. A healthy diet plan comprises of all the healthier options like complex carbs, unsaturated fats and lean proteins. Switch to low-fat dairy products that are healthier and less in calories. Some people believe that all fats are bad fats, which has been the wrong information for many decades. Our body needs fat to survive, it needs the right fat. The biggest myth about losing weight is the idea that fat makes you fat; this is simply not the case. In fact many types of fats are the healthiest foods you can eat. In actual fact the right fat helps burn away that stubborn flab, like belly fat. Apart from that, focus on your eating techniques. Eating slowly can also help in shedding those extra calories and promotes better digestion. When eating slowly, it helps to find the feeling off fullness and can give a signal of “Stop eating”.

Better Food Choices

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A gradual change is the better option when changing from unhealthy foods to healthy ones. Most of us are aware of processed foods, take away meals, sodas and soft drinks; this is where most of the health risks are coming from. These foods are loaded from man-made trans fats, high in salt, high in artificial sugars plus preservatives and more. Change to natural foods, such as the many choices of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense foods containing loads of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Vibrant coloured foods not just provide nutrients and fibre to the body, but also make a delicious and wholesome mid-meal snack.

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Reduce Portion Size and Develop Smarter Cooking Habits

As mentioned before, eating healthy does not mean you have to ban unhealthy foods completely. If you avoid your favourite food, it is natural to want that food more, and in the end you succumb to your temptation. Hence, start by reducing the size of your meal and then not eating them often. Smarter cooking – apart from making healthy food choices, it is important to include healthier cooking habits like grilling, steaming, roasting or boiling. This will insure that the nutrients are not destroyed and unwanted calories are not added to your body.

Detox Your Body

Another important way to stay healthy is by detoxification of your body. Immediately people jump to the conclusion that a detox means starvation for days or even weeks, but this is not necessarily the case. Detoxification is a cleansing mechanism to remove the waste build up from your body. A detox diet can help you get rid of the toxins in the body that get accumulated due to unhealthy eating habits and adulterated food items. Detox diet comprises of natural foods that help in removing waste materials and maintaining internal balance in the body. When followed regularly, detox diet reduces the ingestion as well as absorption of harmful chemicals ingested from processed foods etc. It also provides healthy foods that include all the necessary nutrients that help in better digestion and absorption and maintains healthy functioning of all organs. Cleansing your body improves your energy levels, keeps you mentally and physically fit.