The eye area is one of the first places to show signs of aging. Finding the best eye cream, however, is not easy. They often claim to get rid of puffiness, dark circles, and sagging skin-yet, in many cases, they fail to live up to their promises. So, how do you know which option is the best eye cream bet??

When You Need an Eye Cream

You don’t necessarily need a separate product labeled for the eye if you’re already using a well-formulated facial moisturizer or serum-those can absolutely work effectively around the eye area too.

The exception is if the skin around your eyes is drier you need a more emollient formula, and that’s where a cream made specifically for the eye area can excel. This is especially true for those with oily skin who may not be using a moisturizer at all or are using only a thin gel or liquid-based moisturizer. In that case, an eye cream may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes, and Sagging Skin

Eye creams claiming to help dark circles, puffiness, and sagging endlessly exaggerate what they can do, which is why people are endlessly experimenting with new products.

If the puffiness is the result of fat pads that have shifted under the eye (which is a hallmark of aging skin), there are no creams in the world that can address it. If the puffiness is from fluid buildup or from not getting enough sleep, a soothing cream around the eye can help, but you also are going to need to make lifestyle changes to truly make a difference.

If the puffiness around the eye area is from irritation and sun damage, then the best eye cream can make all the difference by healing skin and reducing inflammation.

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For dark circles whatever you put around your eye during the day must contain sunscreen. For both day and night, it should contain melanin-inhibiting ingredients to improve skin color. This can make an amazing difference, whether these ingredients are in a well-formulated eye product, facial moisturizer, or other treatment product.

In terms of sagging and wrinkles, all the same astounding ingredients for the face work around the eye area, too. Keep your expectations realistic, especially when it comes to products that claim to “lift” skin. You can tighten and firm skin to a certain degree, but no skincare product can magically pull up drooping eyelids or sagging under-eye bags.

Why Packaging is Crucial for Eye Creams

If you opt to use an eye cream, look for those that are packaged to keep the light- and air-sensitive ingredients stable (no jars!) and that are loaded with the types of ingredients mentioned above. Those are the best eye cream formulas you should be considering.

The Bottom Line

Whether you decide to use a product labeled for the eye or a facial moisturizer/serum that you can use around your eye area, make sure it’s a fragrance-free formula packed with the types of ingredients we mentioned earlier (reminder: antioxidants, cell-communicating ingredients, and skin-repairing ingredients) to fight wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, and so on-all without irritation.