Do you think having ice-creams cool down your body? Not really! It may help to reduce the heat in your body for a short period. What actually happening is that when you ingest ice cream initially, it will reduce your body temperature, but when the digestion process begins, your body temperature rises! Here comes the importance of herbs and herbal products, which really cool you down through their antioxidant capacity.

Health is a unique integration of the body, mind and spirit and the environment. Herbal medicines or herbal products offer a dynamic approach to enhance this integration and correct the imbalances in the body. Herbal medicine/products are very helpful to treat inflammation in the body and promoting detoxification. especially for improving digestion, elimination, and deep sleep.

Here are some spices into your diet which help to cool down your body!

Mint: It is a well-known fact that a mint contained toothpaste or chocolates rapidly cools down your mouth. The herb contains a compound called menthol that will stimulate the cold-sensitive receptors in the skin, thus brings down the heat in the body. Adding mint to water, health drinks, tea or foods will naturally cool you down. Skincare products like soaps and shampoos, the mint is using widely.

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Turmeric & turmeric based herbal products: It is a powerful spice and it really warms the intestinal cells that cause the body temperatures rise. In turn, the body works hard to cool down and the sweat you start creating will quickly cool your body. The warming effect will help you to reduce inflation in the intestine, minimizing the gas generation. Though at first you feel warm, the turmeric will reduce the heat and make your body cool.

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Fennel Seeds: This cooling herb has been used to help digestion for years. Consuming fennel seeds after meals are a common habit of Indians. This herb helps to break down the food and ease stress on the intestine. Fennel seeds when brewed with tea, aid regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce period pains.

Cinnamon. This herb is unique in nature. It helps cool you down in the summer while warm you up in the winter. The herbal product, cinnamon based iced tea is very powerful to reduce inflammation, control cholesterol and enhances brain power.

Black Pepper: Black pepper stimulate the nervous system and raise the body temperatures upwards. In turn, your body works hard to cool down and the sweat you start creating will quickly cool your body. Though at first you feel warm, the herb will reduce the heat and make your body cool.

Cilantro: Cilantro is a commonly used the herb in many cuisines. This strongly flavoured leaf has been used medicinally in many herbal products which used to cool down the body. The seeds of cilantro, known more commonly as coriander, are a widely used spice while cooking and they have the same cooling effects as cilantro!