Who doesn’t want to look younger than their age? Both men and women spend a quality time in exercising, dieting and grooming themselves to look a few years younger than they actually are. However, not everyone might be successful in this endeavor. Here are 8 secrets that will get you a younger looking skin in no time.

    • Essential fatty acids play an important role in our body’s development, growth and function. Omega 3 fatty acids are those essential acids that help our skin, hair and nail look million dollars by constantly repairing the daily wear and tear. Include Omega 3 in your diet through oily fish like salmon, nuts, and seeds as well as an omega 3 supplement. The essential fatty acids help your skin to become more radiant, blemish free, your hair to shine and be a string and your nails to be a strong and long. It can prevent many skin and health disorders as well, thereby protecting your joints.


    • With age, the skin becomes prone to excess damage from the environment, pollution as well as stress. The delicate skin that we had in younger days tends to become dry, patchy and lusterless. Signs of ageing start to appear around the eyes, mouth, neck, and forehead. It is essential to follow a strict diet regime rich in protein and collagen. Collagen helps to build back the elasticity of the skin, thereby giving it a supple youthful look. Choose an effective skin and under eye cream, that has powerful ingredient to protect the collagen of the skin, by preventing its breakdown and keeps the skin fresh and bright. You should invest in good skincare products as early as your twenties.


    • As we age, the harmful rays of the sun damage our skin faster, thereby causing premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots etc. When the skin is overexposed to the UV rays of the sun, it is pigmented faster and sunspots become rigid. It is essential to wear a daily SPF to protect the exposed parts of the body from the harmful UV rays. Sunscreens with SPF 30 and above work best in tropical climates. They not only hydrate the skin but also offer a cover from the scorching rays.


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    • While we take care of our face, do not forget our hands. The skin is thinner on the hands than on other parts of the body. Often, it is also the first part of the body where we notice the signs of ageing. Hands are engaged in numerous activities stretched over a day. It is thus, essential to take care of hands by keeping them properly moisturized, especially after every hand wash and at night. Invest in a heavy hand cream to nourish and hydrate your hands. A luscious hand mask also does wonders by locking in the moisture and making your hands glow.


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    • Everyone wants dark, thick hair. However, as we age, our hair starts thinning and greying. Just like our skin, our hair needs extra care too, Men and women are prone to weak hair, color fading, grey hair and breakage. It is important to pay attention to your hair by keeping them hydrated and moisturized as well. Opt for natural looking colors. If you have a light skin, go for browns and subtle highlights that will add a glow to your complexion and freshen up your look. If you are on a warmer side, opt for golden tons of copper and mahogany. This adds vibrancy to the skin and life to the hair. Invest in good quality smoothing shampoos and treatments that will make your hair look moisturized shine-y. A repairing treatment is necessary after every color or chemical treatment.


    • An exercise regime is as important as a skincare regime. Not only does exercise brings energy and vitality to the body, it adds years to your beauty. It increases the blood flow to your mind and other parts, thereby bringing that natural glow you yearn for. It is also great for mental and spiritual health. A 30-minute exercise regime every day should serve you well in your old age. It builds muscles, reduces fat cells and brings agility. It also helps to flush out the toxins, thereby tightening and strengthening the skin.


    • Maintaining a healthy diet is of prime important if you want to flaunt a youthful skin. Eat your greens and fruits and avoid processed and starchy foods. Also, avoid sodas, sweets, and other artificial sweeteners. The greener the vegetables and fruits, the better it is for your health. Opt for greens that help in glowing white teeth too. Most toothpaste now has whitening agents procured from fruits that taste great and work wonders.


  • Eyebrows are known to provide a framework to your face. Keep them trimmed and in shape. If your eyebrows have thinned with age, use soft brow pencils to create thick eyebrows.

Follow these 8 tips to get your youthful glow back.