A little bit often has heaps to recommend it. When you were a school kid your teacher probably followed that practice, and kid’s programs such as Sesame Street still use that approach. The philosophy associated with a little bit often is not only for kids, but also for us oldies to adhere to as we age and grow older. No doubt you will be able to add to this list, but here are a few examples to help get you started.

  • Exercise. There’s plenty of research supporting the idea that a little bit often of regular exercise can help to add years to your life and life to your years. For most of us, fitness is achieved by doing a little bit at a time.
  • Food. Caloric reduction is acknowledged as a longevity-increaser, so eating a little bit often (grazing) is considered to be much better for you than eating big meals several times a day. And, when making your selection, remember the acronym D.i.e.T – Do I Eat That?
  • Fun. Fun is one of the 7Fs that can help to add years to your life and life to your years. Fun needn’t die with age: we all needs some fun in our lives, and a little bit often leads to living longer, better. Make sure that your daily diet includes generous helpings of fun.
  • Laughter. Even though we know it’s good for us, most of us don’t laugh enough. Ideally, a little bit often is a goal worth pursuing. Go on, LOL!
  • Friendship. Catching-up with friends is one of life’s joys, and a little bit often is much better than living in another’s pockets or overstaying your welcome.
  • Busy-ness. Everyday life has taught us that a little bit often beats spurts of busy-ness followed by zip. Have you ever tried keeping busy by doing nothing?
  • Acts of Kindness. A little bit often ensures that you spread your good will around, and the practice is catching. Imagine a world in which everyone cared for each other? Who knows, acts of kindness might even become random.
  • Sex. Perhaps a little bit often might be good for you?

It’s over to you to add to this list. Remember, the one time that a little bit often is a definite no-no is when addiction enters the mix. When a little bit often become a bit too much, it’s time to quit.

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