Everyone are often focused on losing weight and becoming fit; hence, they go to the gym on a regular basis, adhere to low carb diets, and do yoga. If you want to lose belly, it might be difficult no matter what you do. It is for this very reason that you must know exactly how exercise can help you burn fat and what happens in your body if you exercise.

If you consume more than your body burns, it will store the excess calories as fat. On the contrary, when your calorie intake is less than what your body needs for proper daily functioning, you will definitely lose weight. If your weight is healthy, you have to take in similar amount that you burn each day in order to keep the balance.

The Fat Burning Zone

This refers to the time zone where the intensity of training will help your body burn more fat than sugar. With moderate intensity exercise, your body will burn a greater percentage of fat than at higher intensities. This does not necessarily mean that you must be obsessed with the fat burning zone since the ultimate goal must be the total calories spent throughout the workout.

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There is misconception that only aerobic exercise like jogging, cycling, and walking can burn fat and calories. On the contrary, strength training will just build muscles without burning calories. The truth is a significant amount of calories and fat will be burned if you adhere to weight training for 45 minutes with a lot of repetition whilst simultaneously building muscles. Know that every kilogram of muscle will help you burn another 50 calories each day while resting.

Most people think that stomach crunches will remove belly fat. This is not true since the muscles don’t own the fat that is surrounding them. If you workout, your body will burn fat all over and some people are often prone to lose fast faster than others. Stomach crunches will strengthen your stomach muscles. And this can lead to making your stomach look bulkier. Hence, health experts say that it is best to exercise moderately. Ensure to always include strength training in order to build up healthy muscles.

You can further boost fat loss with circuit training. This refers to a series of intense activity with short rest periods in between routines. This will allow you to exercise at a higher overall intensity without becoming very tired.