It’s a blessing to have beautiful hair naturally. Hair enhances the whole look of a girl in a whole different way. Healthy hair will give you smart and confident look. So, it’s very important to take care and manage your hair on regular basis. You don’t need to do something extraordinary to get healthy hair. Just maintain them.

I am listing a few habits you should adopt for the sake of your beautiful hair:

1. Keep them clean.


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Don’t leave your hair unwashed for a maximum of 3-4 days.

Wash on every second or third day.

Wash them thoroughly and with a good shampoo.

Don’t use soap as they are too rough for your hair.

2. Nourish them

As our body needs nourishment, same way our hair are also hungry for nutrition. Yes one should feed them.


Well not a big task again.

Every time you wash your hair you got some predefined work to do.

Oil them!

You should apply oil on your at least 2 hours before if overnight that would be a plus point.

You can choose any oil that suits you. Coconut oil, Castor oil and olive oil are considered best for hair.

3. Use Conditioner

Use a good quality conditioner after every wash on your hair. It keeps your hair nourished.

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4. Trimming

Our hair are dead cells.

They got thinner at the ends as they grow longer. Split ends makes hair weak. Trimming would get you rid of split ends issues.

So if not a cut then one should got them trimmed on a regular interval of 2 or 3 months. This will make your hair growth healthy and it given gives your hair a precise shape which is good for view.

5. Avoid excess use of chemicals

Stay natural.

Once in a while is OK but a regular use of chemicals like hair color, dyes damage your hair. One can use natural henna if your hair demands coloring but as far as possible avoid.

6. Avoid heat treatments

Again occasionally it’s more than fine but people go for heat treatments to straighten their hair. Agreed, this gives your hair a better look but not for the long interval of time, excess heat kills the moisture in your hair and results in rough and dry hair. So avoid taking excess heat treatment.

7. Avoid direct sunlight exposure

Direct sunlight ruins your natural color of hair and results in a ugly color shaded hair. So, avoid direct sunlight exposure.


You can use scarf or hat when you step out during afternoon hours.

8. Drink lots of Water and eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet and water Intake solves all your issues regarding your health. So, it’s true for your beauty too.

Water detox your body and a healthy diet improves your immune system. And a combination of too results in healthy and glowing skin and healthy hair too.