Some thorns can Wound, and some thorns can Heal

Human history is rich and mysterious. In The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, a Chinese work that dates back to 100 BCE, the emperor and his minister Chhi Po were having a conversation about acupuncture. The emperor tediously questions the minister about the different techniques involving needles and control of the life energy chi, and the minister patiently answers these questions on the basis of the healing traditions that were passed down to him by his ancestors. This magnificent book marks the first mention of the now popular Chinese method, Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is aptly named: Acu meaning needle and puncture meaning piercing. Like all systems of ancient medicine, acupuncture deals with the belief that the energy in a being is concentrated at specific points- called acupuncture points. This system is also very similar to the chakra system, which also deals with specific chakras or energy rich regions in the body.

But acupuncture is startlingly unique even among other alternative medicine bodies. For starters, it involves a precious understanding of both modern medicine and holistic healing. To be able to predict the areas of imbalance in the body and accurately target those areas with needles- this requires knowledge and extensive practice. Another feat that acupuncture has triumphed in is that it has gained remarkable admiration from the western science community. It has been acknowledged as a full fledged academic course in many universities across the world.

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The biggest strength of acupuncture lies in two things: the evolution of acupuncture over the ages, and the intense research done on the acupuncture points and energy balance methods.

Why is acupuncture so strongly trusted by healers all over the world? The actual logic behind acupuncture is surprisingly simple. Chi flows through our limbs and organs at all times, but when there is an energy blockage or disturbance in chi at a point, that area will suffer. To overcome this blockage, a healer can determine the exact region of trouble, insert needles at a specific inclination, and successfully restore balance to the patient’s chi.

Needles that accomplish amazing medical feats

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Acupuncture is extremely well known for being able to fix all types of painful neurological conditions- it has cured people of strokes, paralysis and Fits; it has reorganized excited nerves and has helped to overcome depression and serious psychiatric disorders in a stunningly short period of time.

Acupuncture skills have also been called for to solve the most common yet deadly ailments: of the stomach, heart, kidneys and lungs. Gastro-intestinal issues of varying severity, breathing and asthma issues, major heart failure issues- acupuncture correctly recognizes that our vital organs are the most vulnerable to energy disruptions. The ancestors of the world definitely thought of everything when they compiled the different acupuncture systems for each of these organ defects!

Acupuncture has miraculously cured a large number of people of infertility issues. Some people face fertility problems because of specific chi disturbances, and acupuncture has been witnessed to be effective against these cases.

Caution needed!

Acupuncture is not a self healing technique. It is very dangerous to pursue this system without any guidance. In fact, it is equally dangerous to pursue acupuncture therapists without knowing their backgrounds. Acupuncture is popular- and with popularity comes unfortunate incidents of fraud.

There are some simple points to keep in mind when seeking for acupuncture therapy: the healer must have experience and training; meet with the healer beforehand and interview them personally. Some healers are more empathy linked and offer a reassuring atmosphere, which is essential for the method to work, as acupuncture cannot successfully work without trust in the healer.