The significance of a person’s chi in upholding bodily and mental health is the foundation of acupuncture. A person’s chi is believed to exist in every living creature and it runs in the body following specific pathways. If the chi is blocked, then that is when health problems occur which result in persistent headaches, fever, weakness, muscles pain or worst and serious health conditions.

A Deeper Explanation of Acupuncture

The philosophy and practice of acupuncture began in ancient China. During the Old Stone Age of China, stones were designed into knives for medical purposes. This happened more than ten thousand years ago. Several years later, in the era of New Stone Age, needles were eventually made from stones aimed to be utilised for similar therapeutic purpose. It was found and proved further when stone needles of the same type were unearthed which were believed to exist during the New Stone Age.

Basically, the chi runs continuously throughout the 14 pathways of the body. The pathways are referred to as meridian points. There is a need of balance between the force of yin and yang so that the course of the chi will run through the body without any obstruction. Yin and yang is an ancient Chinese philosophy that represents the strengths of the universe – yin embodies feminine strengths, while yang represents the masculine. It is believed that everything in the universe has both yin and yang to attain harmony.

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Nevertheless, chi cannot liberally flow through the body if yin and yang are not balanced. Thus, the meridian points through which pathways of chi flow, have to be stimulated. Stimulation is done through inserting thin hair-like disposable needles in particular areas of the body to influence the harmony of the body and to provide healing.

For excellent therapy sessions, patients should consult a certified and trained acupuncturist who has the ability to carry out superior treatments. To be certified, the practitioner has to undergo training and obtain a license. Nevertheless, you have to be careful in choosing a t proficient practitioner who has enough practice to preclude the possibility of jeopardising the effect of the entire procedure. Today, it is important to verify the credentials of the practitioner to make sure an effective and safe treatment will be achieved.

What This Ancient Method Does

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Relaxation is the foremost effect that a patient will encounter after the treatment. As frequently pinpointed, stress is considered as the main precursor of physical ailments. When the treatment is introduced to certain points of the body where relaxation and harmony flows, it may result in the patient becoming more at ease after stimulation.

Aside from relaxation, through acupuncture, pain control is increased. Although, in the course of the session, patients will normally feel minimal pain while the thin needles are inserted through the body in a gradual manner. The depths of placing needles vary on most cases which depend on the health requirements of the patient. The patient will feel pressure pain as the needles are inserted into the right depth; however, the whole procedure is not necessarily painful.

This technique is also recommended for patients who suffer from chemotherapy fatigue and nausea as well as pain after undergoing surgical operations. It was also found that this technique is greatly effective for migraines, back pains and menstrual cramps.

Variations of Conventional Acupuncture

Conventional acupuncture varies; these include auriculo-therapy and staple-puncture. Auriculo-therapy, otherwise known as ear acupuncture, is a practice which believes that the map for all main organs of the body is found in the ear. Therefore, in this technique, needles are placed in certain points around the ear and ear cartilage in order to treat particular organs like kidneys, liver or heart. On the other hand, staple-puncture is usually utilised in smoking cessation. The technique places staples on any parts of the ear area for a certain period in order to provide stimulation.

Undoubtedly, there is increasing evidence which proves that the alternative Oriental practice can compete with any modern form of treatment. This traditional practice may be good for the many people who are seeking an extensively recognised and long-established therapy. Acupuncture may be an alternative treatment for any one.