Comedian mimics 17 accents from the British Isles using celebrities from each region as examples

Siobhan Thompson normally spends her time making people laugh, but the comedian also has a knack for imitating accents from around the UK and Ireland. The BBC’s Anglophenia enlisted Thompson to do a tour of accents from around the British Isles, resulting in an explanation and demonstration of 17 English accents that’s both informative and funny…

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Here’s How To Use Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty Line If You Don’t Understand Makeup

The release date for Kim Kardashians first-ever makeup line, KKW Beauty, is quickly approaching, people. The first products from the line are going to be a crme contour kit available in four different shades, and theyll be on sale starting Wednesday, June 21! Four kits: Light, Medium, Dark and Deep Dark. KKW BEAUTY … Read More

Never Get In The Way Of A Little Girl And Her Foul Ball

As a kid, getting a foul ball at a baseball game is basically the American dream. Aside from eating ice cream out of a tiny helmet, it’s the main reason kids enjoy going to the ballpark. It’s a moment you cherish and a priceless souvenir you’ll hold on to for about three days. View this … Read More

This Lesbian Became a Christian & Sent a Crazy Powerful Message to the Church & LGBT Community

What happens when Jesus gets ahold of your homosexuality? Well, this. ByDavid Qaoud I read about 100 articles a month, and my favorite piece last month was Girl in The Picture,by Emily Thomes. Originally posted on The Gospel Coalition, Thomes shares her inspiring story of lesbianism to follower of Christ. Today, Thomes stops by the … Read More

15+ Architects Who Had One Job And Still Failed

Being an architect is a pretty important job. There’s little room for error, and any mistakes that you do make are going to be there on display for all to see for as long as the thing you designed is standing. But as you can see from these brilliant pictures compiled by Bored Panda, some … Read More

This Busta Rhymes Song Will Change Your Whole Damn Life

1. OK, before you take even one more breath, you need to press play on this song. View this embed › 2. This song makes me happier than Jet Li when he saw Aaliyah. View this image › Via 3. “Thank You,” off Busta Rhymes’ upcoming album Extinction Level Event 2, is eternally gleeful, … Read More

Pobre Vegeta…

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Man Distracted By iPad Accidentally Walks Past Security, Causes Airport-Wide Evacuation

An Australian man caused an airport evacuation when he became so enthralled with his iPad that he walked right past security. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the unnamed man had just gotten off a flight Saturday morning but, instead of joining the massive security line, he proceeded to walk into a far less-crowded exit … Read More

‘Speak truth to power, guys!’ TPM hacks keep busy by digging up Palin dirt!/IMAO_/status/524665843217862658 Dude. The way Talking Points Memo is behaving, you’d think Sarah Palin had actually won the 2008 presidential election: Here’s how @TPM uses their investigative powers. Wait to speak truth to power guys! You’re on the BIG stuff. — Ben Howe (@BenHowe) October 21, 2014 The very biggest of stuff: We've got all the … Read More

33 “Clueless” References You Missed As A Kid

1. Cher thinks her life must look like a Noxzema commercial… View this image › This is what a Noxzema commercial of the mid-’90s looked like. View this image › 2. When Cher says her Jeep is “loqued out,” she means it’s fresh/fly/cool… View this image › 3. The “great singers of the past” (meaning … Read More

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